M-info” Mare Informa

Through project HARMONY (” we were able to collect data on three protected and ecologically important habitats (the Posidonia oceanica meadow, the Vermetid reef and the Maerl bed). Through project SenHAR we have translated this information into key message for end users.

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P come Pesce, non come Plastica

Beach cleaning is a very popular activity with plenty of activists both in Sicily and in Malta. Join us this summer to keep our beaches pristine for our seas and our community. Let’s meet at the beach. We will provide you with the best tools and all the information you will need for this fun group activity. The plastic items you collect will be recycled and the plastic used at art contests involving all the local schools. We will also install bins in all the main harbours in which local fishermen can deposit plastic items trapped in their nets. These activities will benefit both the environment and the community raising awareness among all the people involved and the end users.

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Marine Heat Waves

How do you feel when your body temperature rises by 1 or 2 degrees? Your body aches all over, you feel weak and you experience the chills. More and more often, extreme climatic events are occuring in the marine environment that cause an increase in the sea surface temperature. These events are called “marine heat waves” (MHWs) and occur when sea surface temperatures are anomalously warm – much warmer than would be expected for the time of the year and location. They can last for several days.

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