Citizen Science

The Mediterranean Sea needs you! Join us and become a scientist having fun and learning. The SenHAR project is based on the collaboration between scientists and citizens. The inclusion is the key of the success of our goals by involving as many sea final users as possible. Are you a diver, a fisherman, a snorkeler or just a sea lover? You are the perfect candidate to become a scientist.

Our activities will involve you in several engaging field surveys in which you can experience the marine biologist life, mmeting new people and helping protecting our seas knowing more about the unique habitats of our Mediterranean Sea.

Our expert team of marine biologists will guide you during all the process offering you a great experience.

Your knowledge is a treasure, many scientists are not able to see what you can. For this reason, we ask you to share what you know about our main protected marine habitats. Fill some fast questionnaires, you will help us to better understand the processes acting on the habitat we need to preserve and also to adapt our work to your needs.