Call for Applications – May 2023





A Call is being published for the provision of full-time expert services in the field of citizen science, for a maximum duration of THREE (3) months, within the ambit of the Interreg Italia-Malta 2014-2020 SenHAR project.

  1. Applications are invited for an external expert to work on SenHAR (Campagne di sensibilizzazione per un’armonizzazione Italo-Maltese per un buono stato dell’ambiente), a project financed by the InterregV-A Programme in which the Department of Geosciences at the University of Malta is a partner with Universita’ degli Studi di Palermo (
  2. The main tasks of the engaged expert include the following:
  • Coordination of the SENHAR project citizen science campaigns, referring to microplastics, sea temperature, marine alien species and jellyfish blooms. This work involves:
    1. the organisation of meetings with various local stakeholders (e.g. fishers, boatmen, SCUBA divers, kayaking and snorkelling community, etc) so as to promote the same campaigns and to elicit their cooperation, with some of these meetings being held outside office hours (most frequently during evenings or, sometimes, on weekends) as well as
    2. the regular posting on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) of dissemination material related to the same campaigns and
    3. the acquisition of relevant data and information from reports submitted to the same social media platforms and
    4. the design of the artwork for future dissemination material to be produced through the campaigns and
    5. the contribution to the Spot the Jellyfish and the Spot the Alien Fish and the ANDROMEDA microplastic citizen science campaigns.
  • Participating within SENHAR project management meetings, both within those conducted online and within physical ones, including those being held in Sicily – the University of Malta will bear the full costs of any trips to and from Sicily;
  • Participation within SENHAR outreach activities conducted with various stakeholders.
  • Contribution to other tasks on other activities within the SENHAR project and within other Italia-Malta projects as deemed necessary by the University of Malta.
  1. The ideal candidate needs to have at least a Bachelors degree in any science subject OR in Communication Studies.
  2. Additionally, previous experience in citizen science campaigns or in the management of campaigns on social media platforms will be considered an asset.
  3. The awardee needs to be in possession of his/her own transport and the fuel will not be reimbursed.
  4. The engagement will last for a maximum of THREE (3) months from receipt of appointment letter, over the period July-September 2023, with the selected candidate expected to invest a minimum of 40 logged hours per week over the same period (3 months) and for being responsible to transfer the results of his/her own work to Prof. Alan Deidun by 30th September 2023 by the latest.
  5. Payment will be transferred by the University of Malta payable against the issuance of TWO (2) VAT invoices by the selected candidate, with the two invoices being expected on the 15th August 2023 and on the 30th September 2023 and upon successful completion of all tasks, as certified by Prof. Alan Deidun (SENHAR Principal Investigator at the University of Malta).
  6. Total remuneration for the engagement is that of 5,000 euros, inclusive of 18% VAT and the same engagement can be extended beyond the 30th September 2023 if further SENHAR project funds are available.
  7. Interested candidates should apply for the post in caption over email, by corresponding with Prof. Alan Deidun The application email should include the candidate’s CV as well as a confirmation that the candidate is in possession of a Maltese-registered VAT number.

Application deadline: Friday 12th May 2023.