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Through project HARMONY (https://www.harmony-italiamalta.eu/” https://www.harmony-italiamalta.eu/) we were able to collect data on three protected and ecologically important habitats (the Posidonia oceanica meadow, the Vermetid reef and the Maerl bed). Through project SenHAR we have translated this information into key message for end users. Who is are the end users? Whenever you dive, fish or snorkel in the sea or simply sunbathe on the rocks you are coming into contact with these habitats and you are, directly or indirectly, “using” them. Find out more about the impact you are having on these habitats and how you can safeguard them at our info points and gazebos located in some of the main beaches in Sicily and Malta. Our charismatic team of marine biologists will be happy to share what they know about these habitats and ecosystems with you. Did you just miss us? Don’t worry. Grab your smartphone and scan the QR code displayed on the banners you will find at the most popular beaches on the two islands (link to a page with pictures of all the sites). You will find answers to most of your questions there.

Image by Alessio Marrone

If you didn’t get a chance to get one of the brochures and info-graphics we have shared during our events, take a look at them here:




Poster Posidonia