Marine Heat Waves

What is the issue?

How do you feel when your body temperature rises by 1 or 2 degrees? Your body aches all over, you feel weak and you experience the chills.

More and more often, extreme climatic events are occuring in the marine environment that cause an increase in the sea surface temperature. These events are called “marine heat waves” (MHWs) and occur when sea surface temperatures are anomalously warm –much warmer than would be expected for the time of the year and location. They can last for several days.

Get involved 

Looking to get involved with researchers in marine conservation initiatives? Want to help detect marine heat waves while diving? Take a look at the diving centers that are currently collaborating with us.

Ti-misuro termoblitz

The initiative connects everyday divers with the scientific world while exploring the sea that they love while measuring seawater temperature.


Collaborating Diving Centers: 


Isola delle Femmine, Palermo

Saracen Diving Center:


Portopalo di Capo Passero, Marzamemi

Nautilus Diving Center:


Suttakkua diving school:




Dive Base, a scuba and freediving center: