SenHAR promoting sustainability

The SenHAR project is now at its outreach peak and for this reason the partners have developed a new gadget to help promote marine habitats during our awareness campaigns with a focus on sustainability. 

Perpetua, produced by Alisea S.R.L, is a fully recycled graphite pencil, using no wood, or plastics, making it of extraordinary value. It is virtually endless given its high durability in terms of resistance and its ability to write up to 1120 km, even under water (for divers)!

Alisea S.R.L. have prepared for us this instrument with a unique design, and elegant packaging, to include the habitats which our project focuses on: Posidonia oceanica meadows, Maerl beds and Vermetid reefs. 

Through this product we are raising awareness on the sustainable use of protected habitat for all users such as tourists, fishermen, divers and boat owners. 

Would you like to own a Perpetua pencil? Stay tuned for our next outreach activities where you will be able to get your hands on one!